LinkedIn Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

Strategy, goals, tactics are all separate items.  It can be easy to be tempted to mix these objectives together and create a lot of activity, without seeing success. I help leaders skip the overwhelm, sort out and create a customized solution and provide support and accountability.  It’s important to have a clearly defined roadmap to arrive at your desired destination.

That’s why we are data-driven, collaborative and creative.  It requires that and focused accountability to arrive.

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Get Found and Understood on LinkedIn -the Mecca of Marketing, & Networking Reach

Building a strong presence in LinkedIn’s professional environment is a somewhat like a mini-personal website for a micro-business and solopreneur with its interactive nature of the social media profile. Currently there are 3 million+ businesses that also have built out their presence with LinkedIn company pages.  It can help a business with a point of connection to a network of over 200 million registered users around the world.

If you’re not using LinkedIn for business, you’re missing out on several opportunities to boost your company’s reach — and bottom line.

For career professionals it has been a key component of job search and transition since LinkedIn’s inception. Professional headhunters are losing their grip on the job search market, as LinkedIn fulfills some key components of search that used to be exclusively theirs.

Bottom line is that LinkedIn has changed the game in both spaces. If you’ve been out of the loop on Linked, it is a good time to get “back in.” It’s not the same game as it was a decade ago.

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Xcelerate Business on LinkedIn Membership Founders

Knowing what to do, when to do it, and what to avoid  doing can be difficult to figure out on your own.

That’s why I created a program that will not only teach you my winning strategy but, more importantly, give you the guidance, coaching, feedback, and accountability you need to ensure your success. Founding members will gain access to new materials as it’s built.

LinkedIn for Business: 6 Weeks from Questions to Confidence Masterclass

You KNOW LinkedIn CAN  be a great business tool…
You CAN move from Questions to Confidence on LinkedIn in 6 Weeks –  

Stop wasting time and get the “GPS” for LinkedIn!


” I highly recommend working with iris and IC-Growth. It was amazing! She gave me not only help in doing my LinkedIn, my Facebook, my social media she also helped me with my events and gave me all kinds of plans and systems to make everything work and so that I could put it into action and start using the information right away she’s fantastic I love working with her and I highly recommend her and her services.”

– Michelle Myrter

” Hi my name is Dr. Brenda Wilson and I wanted to share with you my experience in taking Iris Culp’s master class for LinkedIn I knew that mine needed some love so I took her class very enjoyable very interactive um wow what an amazing amount of information that she has about this whole uh the whole program of LinkedIn and how it works and how it can benefit you but specifically to me I updated mine did took all the of her recommendations and one of my colleagues reached out to me unsolicited and uh it turns out that I have uh a recurring source of income from that new client so it works it’s amazing I’m super excited and I highly recommend her class and I think I’m actually going to take it again because it has such a wealth of information so thank you very much.”

– Brenda Wilson

I joined LinkedIn for business 6 weeks class, because I was at a place with my business where I was growing, but I was not utilizing LinkedIn. I know that’s something that I need to develop. I jumped in her masterclass, and I’m so glad that I did. Her knowledge base is amazing. She was able to help us understand the nuisances of LinkedIn as well as throwing in some of her tips and tricks that helped all of us. I was able to take a look at where I was at realistically, and she helped me develop some goals that were achievable. I not only was able to creatively connect with future clients, but I was able to also understand the importance of collaboration on LinkedIn. I highly recommend this class if you have questions about LinkedIn and looking at growing your business and developing.”

– Patty Gerstenberger